I've performed voice acting roles, ADR, and voiceovers for:
  • radio theater/audio drama productions including one that was a 2015 Audie Awards finalist for Best Audio Drama: Anne Manx and the Blood Chase
  • animation including 3 videos in a series produced by Disney Education Productions and ABC News: They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust. And One Heck of a Plan for which I did the English ADR; this was produced by GKIDS, a production company with 12 Best Animated Feature Oscar nominations.
  • live-action including straight voice acting and ADR
  • dramatic storytelling including Breadwinner, a film that has won 15 festival awards
  • narrations including a product demo for Lincoln Motor Company
  • commercials including Xlear Nasal Spray
I also sing bass/baritone.

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"Sherman really nailed it. That film relied heavily on voiceover to bring the narrative together, and Sherman did a fantastic job."
- Neil Murphy, Director of Breadwinner, dramatic short (Lead, Storyteller)

"Since joining the Radio Repertory Company of America, Sherman Alpert has become a great asset to our Audio Drama group. With his rich voice and sharp acting skills, Sherman ushers life into each character he voices. His talent, preparation and skill make him a wonderful addition to our productions."
- Angelo Panetta, Radio Repertory Company of America, Director of Anne Manx and the Blood Chase and Anne Manx and the Black Knight, audio dramas (Supporting)

"Amazing work. Every single take was wonderful. I love how you brought [the character] to near-tears and near a few voice breaks. I can't tell you enough how lucky I was to find you. Thank you very much for the stellar work and speedy turnaround."
- Christopher Ortiz, Writer-Director of RedSin, suspense drama (Voice acting role in live-action film)

"An actor was required who could really bring the character to life... Sherman Alpert came out on top. His vocals, personality, and general enthusiasm shone through."
- Shane Sheils, Director of Mr. Humpfninkel's Sales Technique, animated short (Lead)

"Sherman is very cooperative and delivers a great performance each take."
- Maria Avramova, Director of Loop, pixilation-animation short (Lead)

"Was a pleasure to have worked with Sherman. Can wholeheartedly recommend him."
- MedGroup, Personal Protective Equipment Commercial (Lead)

Main Demo Reels

Voice Acting including Character Voices, Cartoon Voices - 2:58

Audio Drama / Radio Theater
Voice Acting- 1:36

Storytelling / Narration
(including NY Accent)- 2:33

Commercial - 1:03

Video clips of some of my voiceover work

Projects I've Worked On


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Videos with my Voiceovers

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They Spoke Out:
American Voices Against the Holocaust

Documentary series produced by Disney Educational Productions and ABC News.
I am the voice of 3 characters – an Eastern European Rabbi, a Jewish ghetto internee, and an American diplomat – in 3 of the videos.

This series received a great deal of press, including the
NY Times.

See description to the left. Here are a couple of excerpts with my voiceover from these videos produced with a mix of animation, comic book art, period photographs, and film.

Anne Manx and the Blood Chase
Radio Repertory Company of America
Radio Theater/Audio Drama; I voice several characters

Animated Series

English ADR (originally voiced in Portuguese).
I'm the voice of the humorous sidekick of the evil leader

Anne Manx and the Black Knight
Radio Repertory Company of America
Radio Theater/Audio Drama; I play private investigator Sam Shovel

Poignant short film
There is no dialog, only my
storyteller VO

Kudos from the director:

Adventures of Fiveish
(Children's Musical & Radio Theater)

Singer & Angry/Stern General

The first part of this audio is a song in which I sing lead (in character) and in the chorus, followed by scenes in which I play the deep-voiced General Cornshaffer

One Heck of a Plan
English ADR (originally in French)

Lead in an animated short produced by GKIDS.
I play Mo the burglar.
GKIDS produces animated features for which they have received 12 Oscar nominations. One Heck of a Plan was screeened in theaters and released on DVD/Blu-Ray with the GKIDS animated feature Phantom Boy.

In this podcast audio drama from 7Lamb Productions (available on iTunes, Audible, etc.), I play the gravelly-voiced Detective Highland from a local police dept. discussing a case with Federal investigators above my pay grade. Here are scenes from 2 episodes.

Visit 7Lamb Productions


Gravelly sad voice

Nitehawk Cinema
Voiceover for a funny explainer video
shown before every film in Brooklyn's Nitehawk Cinema

Morning Rush
Animated short

I'm the voice of the abusive boss

(Epic Tale Audio Drama)
Dramatic storytelling

Animated Film - Lead
I'm the voice of the pathetic door-to-door salesman, Mr Humpfninkel, as well as the other incidental voices

A Fishing Tale (Animated Short)
Village Elder character (Excerpts)

Somber, Calm, Deep voice of a Mentor

Video excerpt
I'm the voice of the terrified lead

Letter to ATIME
Excerpts from a promo for a Jewish healthcare charitable organization.
Voiceover is a reading of a letter (shown in the video, piece by piece) written to the President of the charity.

Animated technology Explainer Video - actually a parody of AI-driven software
Gravelly rural accent

VO with Yiddish and Hebrew words

Best Laid Plans
Animated Short
I'm the voice of Grandpa Jonas
Straight voice acting without a cartoon-y voice

Minecraft: The Artifact
Angry and scared voices

Cartoon series pilot
I do the voice of Oscar the Sugar Glider

Desperate Times (Animated Short)
Distraught husband / Injured soldier

Return to Hardwick
Promo for full length documentary
I'm the storyteller/narrator

Deep Bass Voice
Darth Vader impersonation, no pitch adjustment, just reverb added

CardCash Promo
Voices of two of the animated gift-cards