Headshots, Selfies, Snapshots and Production Stills
People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly too!
Recurring bartender role in
several "At The Bar with Roger Federer" sketches
This is from the first sketch on 9/7/10
"At The Bar with Roger Federer" sketch on 1/19/11
Recurring bartender role
ESPN National Commercial speaking principal
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon comedy sketch, Spoof of "Dancing with the Stars"
On stage with live audience, Live to tape
Iím second from the right in the "dance troupe" in these pics
Industrial (green screen)
Industrial (blue screen)
"Welcome to Verplanck" (comedy web series)
as a small town sheriff
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"The Blast Effect"
3-camera shoot direct to tape (1 take, top to bottom) comedic  video
Nitehawk Cinema comedic promo
Speed Stick spec commercial speaking principal
"Troy Dunn: The Locator" Series Promo
Women's Entertainment Network (WE-TV)
"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" sketch (Speaking Principal)
Industrial for a major NY hospital
"Monsters Inside Me" (Optomen Productions / Animal Planet)
Guitar-playing drunk guy in "Served"
"Spirit Hunters" comedic Web Commercial
speaking principal
"Monumental Mysteries" (Optomen Productions / Travel Channel)
On the set of "Mysteries of Laura" with Debra Messing
I'm one of the "Rabbis"
Me working on the film "Side Effects" (originally "The Bitter Pill") in a scene with Jude Law.
I'm the cameraman on the right.

"Mysteries at the Castle" (Optomen Productions / Travel Channel)


Stills from 3 videos produced by
in which I do the voices of 3 characters
in a series called "They Spoke Out: American Voices Against the Holocaust"
"Deadbeat" comedy series on Hulu
"Celebrity Ghost Stories" on Bio Channel & Lifetime
5 episodes
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon comedy sketches

More production stills, etc

Various Clergy
Hunk Harassment (Comedy Sketch video)
"JetLife" Show Open (CBS NY)
Jimmy Kimmel Live
"Jessica Jones" on Netflix
On set of the film "Morning Glory"
Featured role
More Rabbi / Hasidic Photos
And here's Debra Messing's own post on Instagram
HuffPost video "48 Things Men Hear In A Lifetime (That Are Bad For Everyone)"
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"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Tina Fey's Netflix comedy series) - Co-Star

"Mob Fathers: Permanent Rehab"